We deeply focused on watch modification and movement tuning. As such, absolute accuracy is always on our important checklist. We ensure the quality of every parts by using strict control testing standards before assembling the watches.  

Before assembling the watches, the movement is fully wound (also known as T0) mechanically. The movement is tested in five positions, crown left, crown up, crown down, dial up and dial down. Then given a rest period of 24 hours(also known as T24) ,  the movement is tested again in the five positions.
After assembling all the parts together, the watch is put into an auto-winding machine for 1 day. The watch would be fully wound and be tested with the same testing procedure in Day 1.
The watch keeps putting into an auto-winding machine. The watch would be fully wound and be tested  with the same testing procedure in Day 1.
Before packing, the watch is fully wound(t0) and is tested in five positions again.


All our watches have to pass all of the above procedures before delivery.

We make sure that the accuracy of our watches are highly maintained in -20~+20 seconds/day. We tested the watches in more positions than the normal quality checkups do - we tested the watches in 5 positions while the others tested in 3 positions only.


As we have modified the movement, we need to ensure the watches are adequate in every situations. We then tested the sample watches on wrist for more than 9 months before we started our kickstarter campaign.

The stableness of BEHRENS ORIGINAL watches are highly guaranteed.